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IHS is looking for a

Junior Researcher
(PhD candidate)

Position available from: Jan 2021

Temporary position for 3 years (30h/week)

The Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) is an independent, non-profit research institute in Vienna (Austria). It brings together high-level expertise from various disciplines (economics, sociology, and political science, among others) to address fundamental economic and social problems and policy choices.

IHS is pleased to announce an opening for one Junior Researcher (PhD candidate). The position is directed at an early stage career scientist with the ambition to pursue his/her PhD in one of the economic and social sciences featured at the Institute. Specifically, the position is available in the research field of Health Economics and Health Policy. Both quantitative and qualitative methods are employed to improve health and long term care systems as well as to conduct research in health related aspects of the economy. Given the applied and policy-oriented nature of many projects, topical issues are addressed.

The open position is integrated in the respective Research Group at IHS (for further details, see The salary is oriented along the FWF scheme for pre-doctoral staff. Half of the time is dedicated to writing the dissertation; the other half of the time is to work on ongoing IHS research projects. There is no teaching obligation, and Junior Researchers are part of the IHS Doctoral College. The contract with IHS will include a dissertation agreement, which will be updated regularly over time.

Job profile:

  • MA, preferably from economics and social sciences
  • Knowledge of and interest in the research fields mentioned above
  • Either already enrolled, or planning to enroll, as a PhD candidate at a university in Austria or abroad, in economic or social sciences (or another discipline arguably relevant for the chosen research field), with the plan to write a dissertation
  • Fluent in English, good command of German
  • Experience with statistical software such as Stata, SPSS, or R; preferably also good command in syntax writing
  • Preferably experienced with cooperating in empirical research projects
  • Passionate in communicating with decision makers in science, politics, business, and society

If you fit this description, you can expect the following at the Institute:

You will do research in ongoing projects at IHS, and also have the opportunity to pursue your scientific interests in the context of your dissertation project. IHS offers excellent conditions for academic publishing and for scholarly exchange on an international level. You will be engaged in an intellectually challenging and exciting environment with an international atmosphere, and flexible and family-friendly working times. The Institute is located in the eighth district of Vienna, with excellent access to public transportation.

The salary offer for one 30-hour position is € 2.205,60 (before taxes) per month (14x) (salary level 2020). The Institute has an equal opportunity policy, with a special emphasis on increasing the number of women in research positions, and specifically encourages female candidates to apply for the open positions.

Before submitting your application, please read our privacy policy!


Your application should consist of an academic CV as well as a cover letter. Among other things, the cover letter shall contain your motivation to pursue a PhD, why you are interested in the research field of Health Economics and Health Policy, and at least two contacts for references. Please also enclose your master thesis, or one other paper (unpublished or published) that you consider representative of your writing skills. You may also want to enclose your dissertation outline, if available.

Please send all the documents mentioned above as pdf until 15 November 2020 via E-Mail to:

Dr. Thomas König
Institut für Höhere Studien
Josefstädter Straße 39, 1080 Wien

For further questions, please do not hesitate to also contact Thomas König. We look forward to your application!